Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics & Law is one of the leading economic universities in Russia, which has created a multi-level system of continuous training that includes secondary vocational, higher and further education.

At present, the University has 7 faculties: Economics and Management, Catering and Commodities Expertise, Law, Customs Business and Informational Technologies, Correspondence Education, and 2 Faculties of Secondary Vocational Education. The faculties implement Bachelors, Specialists and Masters' educational programs in 17 areas of bachelor area training, 2 areas of specialists' training, 16 areas of Masters' training, 13 specialties of secondary vocational education. Graduate school carries out training in 7 areas (10 profiles) of academic and pedagogical staff training. There is also the Preparatory Faculty for International Students. Student population amounts to 10 thousand.

Today the University possesses three affiliates in Stavropol, Lipetsk and Kursk.

During its lifetime, our University has trained more than 100,000 specialists of higher and secondary vocational education. The high level of training and comprehensive development of our students is confirmed by the achievements of our graduates, who work decently at enterprises and organizations of consumer cooperation, governmental agencies at various levels, tax and law enforcement bodies, banking sphere, tourist agencies, advertising companies and higher educational institutions including our University's departments, faculties and affiliates.

Students and postgraduate students have everything they need for successful study, research work, creativity, sports: three academic buildings, four hostels, a modern library with several reading rooms, equipped with an electronic catalog and computers for reading electronic textbooks and online Internet resources, a gymnasium, an assembly hall, a canteen, a cafe, three coffee shops, a health center and a print shop.

At the University a lot of attention is paid to the use of information technologies in the educational process: the University has equipped modern computer labs, virtual enterprises, multimedia classrooms and a hall for video conferences; all study rooms have free access to Wi-Fi.

The University has a highly skilled staff, in which over 85% of teachers have candidate's or doctoral degrees. The teaching staff have titles of academicians and corresponding members of various Russian and international academies.

The key direction of the University's activity is development of its scientific potential, research and innovative activities. Eleven scientific schools (scientific areas) in six fields of knowledge are functioning at the University.

One of the University research development directions is conducting and participating in international theoretical and practical conferences, publication of research papers in domestic and foreign editions. Since 2002 the University has been publishing international research journal “The Bulletin of Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law”, which is a central edition included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission publications.

Students' research activity is being developed intensively; there are: Students' Research Society, Young Researchers' Council and 50 student circles and sections. Annually, students of the University win scientific competitions and Olympiads, participate in international, domestic and regional scientific conferences.      

The University arranges professional retraining and refresher courses for top managers and professionals of various spheres of business, including consumer cooperation, governmental and municipal officers, individual  business owners and others.

Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics & Law is a member of the Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy). The frontiers of international cooperation are constantly expanding. The University deeply cooperates with the universities of Russia, neighboring and foreign countries, it is a full member of the International Association of Universities (Paris, France). Cooperation with the Cooperative sector of the International Labor Organization and cooperative higher schools of the CIS countries is continually developing on the mutually beneficial basis. Taking into account a large input made by the University in the development of the international cooperative movement in June 2014, the UN Organization on Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) made a decision on the foundation of the UNESCO Department “Education for sustainable development of cooperatives” at the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law.

The University is heading towards integration into the international scientific and educational space. One of the most effective and promising directions of international cooperation with foreign universities is exchange of professors and students. In this area the university is closely cooperating with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Berlin Language School, universities of Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others. Future professionals have an opportunity to undergo internship abroad.

Pedagogical activity is a priority direction in educating future professionals. The University possesses all necessary conditions for the students' creativity potential, social activity and interests implementation. Students take an active part in various conferences, competitions, festivals, gatherings, meetings and trips. At the Cultural Work Centre there are 15 creative vocal and choreographic teams, a theater studio, KVN (club of the joyful and smart), which involve talented students of the University. The University pays much attention to the development of physical training and sports, involvement of young people in healthy lifestyles, going in for sports, organization of walking tours and positive leisure activities.

The University faces the future with confidence and aims at sustainable development of education activities in close connection with the practice, protecting and multiplying its own traditions and the achievements of domestic science.


Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics & Law is a higher school of the XXI century!

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Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics & Law implements the following programs of higher education 

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